"The thing about being an actor is that you turn into other people. You have to hide yourself a bit in order to let that other person come out."
- Penelope Wilton

Judi Dench:
You know, the chemistry between Antony and Cleopatra is very, very, very volatile, and the fear that you have anyway in playing great parts that people have played before is considerable. Huge long parts, hers much longer than his. She goes into the whole of the fifth act without him.

On the monuments he knew he was dying, Tony used to say to me, very quietly, very sotto voce “I’m going for a lovely sit-down and a cup of tea”.

Tony is really a creature of instinct and I am a creature of instinct, and so therefore, you didn’t quite ever know where the other person was coming from, and that was lively and dangerous.

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